Corkscrew Island
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The Experience

Corkscrew Island is an interactive learning experience in 3 parts: immersive story, technical discovery and assembly of a prototype.

Subscribers will receive a box with a unique robot or machine to understand and assemble each month. They will also find a booklet containing the story immersing them through the adventures of Ile Tire-Bouchon, as well as instructions and technical instructions. They will therefore be taken to travel through this mysterious island, filled with scientific and technological challenges, where each invention created will allow them to solve a problem and move forward in their quest.

- Louis-Pierre Fortin, ing. -

Our Story

Louis-Pierre Fortin Louis-Pierre Fortin has always been passionate about science and eager to share his knowledge. It is this passion for discovery and sharing that prompts him to ask himself a question: how to develop creativity and curiosity for the world around them in children in a playful and fun context?

In 2019, faced with this daunting challenge, the engineer rolled up his sleeves alongside two friends he met in high school: Maxime Laflamme, educational advisor and editor-in-chief, as well as Gabriel Tremblay Grenier, developer and creative director. The trio embark on adventure and experimentation to create a universe that offers as many mysteries as it does machines to build as a family. In 2020, after a year of creative work, Ile Tire-Bouchon is finally emerging.

Maxime Laflamme Children ages 6 to 12 explore the island through 10 adventures and building machines in learning sets that they receive at their doorstep each month. As much attention has been paid to the construction of original machines as to the creation of the adventure stories that accompany each set. The machines are all unique and offer technical discoveries explored in each of the prototypes to be assembled.

Gabriel Grenier These creative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) experiences have been designed to develop curiosity, creativity and confidence in children to help them acquire useful knowledge in school and in life. The curious little ones will take a good dose of pleasure to assemble them and to play there; it even seems that the older children who accompany them find on the Island the wonder of their childhood!

The Origins

Louis-Pierre Fortin has not always had a good relationship with the solar system. "When I was 15, a teacher told me I wasn't going to do much with my life." This is the idea he carries with him when he leaves school to go to work in his father's car garage for a year.

However, determined to make lie the predictions surrounding his school future, he chooses to push open the door of evening classes and regains interest in studies. Louis-Pierre made a bet with himself by then choosing an English-speaking CEGEP, Dawson College in Montreal, even though he did not master the language. He won it in 2011 when he joined The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver to specialize in "Mechanical Engineering specializing in Aerospace". Beyond his fame, the degree obtained from UBC in 2015 gives him the opportunity to work directly at Google on special projects, combining experimental aviation and clean energy production.

Google X's Makani Prototype (from Makani website)
Google X's Makani Prototype (from Makani website)

After 2 years in Silicon Valley, the will to undertake is felt. So he takes his leave from Google and returns to Montreal in 2018. That's when he remembers the difficulties he encountered at school and imagines that many children are in the same situation. How to provide them with additional stimulation and make them learn by practicing differently than what the traditional school can offer? This is when the idea of L'Ile Tire-Bouchon began to take shape.

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