Corkscrew Island

Expedition on Corkscrew Island

A 10 boxes series for 6 to 12 years old

Receive each month a history book, scientific learning and a unique machine to assemble.

A great family-time activity!

Boxes for sunny days, as for rainy days!

Box #1: The Hydraulic Arm

Age: 6 to 12 years old

(Parental guidance suggested for 6-8 yrs)

Science Education

Solar energy, hydraulics, electric motors, friction, gears, elastic energy, flotation, watchmaking, aeronautics, robotics and much more!

A Magical Story

Explore Corkscrew Island, meet special characters and build machines to solve problems and advance in the story.


A complete robot, mechanism, means of transportation or invention to assemble each month!

Augmented Reality

Use your phone and our free iPhone / Android App to learn while having fun with augmented reality!

Made of birch, poplar and bass wood
Hours of assembly, play, reading and learning.
Designed and assembled in Canada


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$ 34.99 /month

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